Touch - Tournament Software

Innovative, flexible and technically up to date  –  Touch offers you many possibilities and advantages

Technically up to date, the programme represents a milestone in the history of tournament organisation. In addition to annual programme updates, the Ophardt Touch offers many other advantages:

Easy operation

From top to bottom, from left to right – that’s all you need to know! Ophardt-Touch is easy to use and guides you through the competitions from registration to documentation. With an easy design it is no problem to manage multiple competitions at the same time.

Transparent tournament calculation

Why does fencer A fence in round 14? This and similar questions are now easy to answer with Ophardt-Touch. All seedings and corrections are recorded and can be displayed immediately, as well as possible shifts.

Touch screen compatible

Whether mouse, finger or both at the same time – Ophardt-Touch has been designed in a way,  that it can be operated on a touchscreen. Therefore, operating the software is even easier and more intuitive.

Independent of the operating system

Whether Cloud, Server (Linux) or local installation (Windows), – Ophardt-Touch has been optimised for all common operating systems. All you need is a current browser and you can start your competition.

Thanks to the new timetable support, you can always keep an overview and master several competitions at the same time.