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Fencing - level administration in the packages "Club" and "Pro"

Ophardt-Online - The "smart" software for national federations

Ophardt-Online is a extremly powerful, modularly built and scalable administration-system for sport-federations. It includes administration for athletes, competitons and licenses as well as online-inscriptions, management of ranking and a lot more...


Manage your inscriptions for athletes and referees (including functions for compulsory referees) confortably online. After your inscription you will receive a confirmation via E-Mail. Optionally, inscription payments can be managed via PayPal. The current standings of the inscriptions is visible for all users.


Pre-Inscriptions of athletes and referees to International Events can be send to the national federation. An automatic confirmation via E-Mail is possible.

Event Calender

All relevant international and relevant national events are shown here. Furthermore it is possible to show all events as well as a link for the related federation website.

Athlete and Club Administration

Club and National Administrators are able to create new Athletes, change Addresses, upload Pictures and change Clubs. Every Athlete can update his data him-/herself after registration.

Account Administration

As Ophardt-Online is working with different account-levels with differing user-rights, athletes are able to update his own fencing-biography. Athlete profiles are linked to the personal accounts to ensure a user-friendly interface.


Licenses of all kind can be logged in the system and available for orders by athletes, clubs or federations. After order, the licensing institution can release the licenses individually.

Administration of Payments

Incoming payments for inscriptions or licenses can be logged in the system. Payments done via PayPal will be processed automatically.

Uploading Results

Competition results can be uploaded and saved online in various formats (e.g. .xml, .fff, .csv, .pdf). The uploaded results will be linked to the related athletes automoatically and will be shown in their biography.


We create rankings according to your wishes according to different criteria and awards. The rankings will be calculated and shown in the system automatically.

Club Pre-Inscriptions

Club Pre-Inscription is available as an additional function on request.


Athlete's biographies, which have been approved and released by the athlete, are shown online . The personal data is updated by the athlete him-/herself while the results are automatically added by the system.

Referee deployment

The referee deployments can be logged directly at inscription. If the competition data is uploaded in .xml-format, the referee activity is automatically added to the related profile.

Embedment to federation-websites

Various links, calenders, results, biographies can be supplied by Ophardt upon request.

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Product-packages Ophardt-Online

All prices are excl. VAT, company-site and court-site is Germany.

Package "Guest"

• Inscription Overview

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Package "Athlete"

• Create own biography
• See own refereeing activities
• Inscription for events with  

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Package "Basic"

Right of Inscriptions for clubs which national federation is not using Ophardt-Online.
Price: 25,00 EUR per year

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Package "Club"

• Club Pre-Inscriptions
• Club-Rankings upon
   agreement (only available with 
   with Ophardt-Touch "Basic")
   Price: 60,00 EUR per year

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Package "Regio"

Available for county federations where the national federation is using Ophardt-Online "Pro":
• Administration of athletes
• Administration of referees
• Administration of events
• Creation of rankings
• Updating of rankings
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Package "Pro"

For national and international federations:
• Administration of athletes
• Administration of referees
• Administration of events
• Administration of licenses
• Online-Inscription system
• Creation of rankings
• Update of rankings
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Package "Business"

Competition Software for third-parties
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Package "Premium"

For Business Partners working with Ophardt-Touch "Premium"
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